Private Military Cyber Security Contractor

School Program Admissions
Pace University Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity
NSA- and DHS-designated. 100% online. No GRE/GMAT. Hands-on, specialized learning.
Utica University Online BS in Cybersecurity
Specializations: Network Forensics and Incident Response, Cybercrime and Fraud Investigation, and Cyber Operations.
Maryville University Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
The online BS in Cybersecurity from Maryville University will teach you how to protect digital assets and information systems in various industries, from finance to healthcare. No SAT or ACT scores required.
Maryville University Master of Science in Cybersecurity
Earn your MS in Cybersecurity online from Maryville University in as few as 12 months.
University of California, Berkeley Master’s in Cybersecurity
Complete your degree in 20 months. Join the global UC Berkeley alumni network of technology, data science, privacy, and policy professionals.
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Private military/security contractors are found within the national government and even among the nation's military. In an effort to bridge the gap between national security and international involvement, teams of contractors are found around the world working in an effort to protect against potential threats.

In current times, the need for increased cybersecurity has allowed for a whole new branch of private military/security contractors to assist in maintaining a safe environment in which the government can protect private and secured data online. Cyber security contractors may be employed by government agencies or the military. These contractors are responsible for maintaining secure information systems and working hard to develop programs that assist in the encryption of valuable information.

It is vital that delicate information systems are handled by only the most experienced and educated professionals available. If you are interested in being a part of this highly relevant and innovative field, take a look at what our experts have provided for you below.

School Program Admissions
Pace University Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity Website
Utica University Online BS in Cybersecurity Website
Maryville University Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity Website
Maryville University Master of Science in Cybersecurity Website
University of California, Berkeley Master’s in Cybersecurity Website
University of West Florida Online M.S. in Cybersecurity Website
Syracuse University Master of Science in Cybersecurity Website
Arizona State University Online Master of Computer Science - Cybersecurity Website
Utica University Online MS in Cybersecurity Website
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School Program Admissions
Arizona State University Online Master of Computer Science - Cybersecurity Website
Utica University Online MS in Cybersecurity Website
Fairleigh Dickinson University Master of Science in Cyber and Homeland Security Website
Stevens Institute of Technology Master of Science in Computer Science Website
Utica University BS in Cybersecurity - Cyber Operations Website
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What Level of Degree Is Needed?

If you have a desire to become a private military/security contractor for cybersecurity, you should first look into joining a bachelor’s program that focuses on information technology, computer science, or related discipline. Degree programs that are specific to computer science are rising in popularity due to the increasing reliance on technology for every day functioning.

The government and military are also deeply involved in the use of technology, which brings to light the importance of secure systems and communications. The foundation of expertise for this career includes the need for diverse knowledge in different operating systems, computer programming, and cybersecurity. Through bachelor’s level programs, you can learn how to create your own secure programs, providing encryption services as part of your provisions, and even monitor current systems for signs of intrusion.

While the minimum requirement for most positions is a bachelor’s degree, this is the highest level you are required to obtain. Some may find that moving forward to higher level degree programs provides more benefits, seeing that information technology and computer science are popular among new college students. Pursuing a master’s or higher level degree program could set you apart from other graduates when entering into the workforce. Regardless of which level you choose to pursue, there are benefits associated with all levels. After graduation, it may be in your best interest to gain some experience working in information technology or specifically in careers that monitor cybersecurity. This experience can set you on track for obtaining more lucrative positions working for government or military agencies.

Work Experience

Once you have completed some work experience, you can seek out companies that provide security services via the national government or through military agencies. A security clearance is necessary for most positions that work with sensitive data, so the agency in which you plan to work must sponsor your application for a security clearance. Following the application phase, you may be subjected to a background check as well as an adjudication stage. In order to work with sensitive data, it is important that you meet the national standards for security clearance prior to being released as verified.

The process that is required can take some time to complete, but is worth the effort considering the significance of having a security clearance and the job options that result from having it.

Common Courses To Expect

When diving into this career choice, you should make yourself aware of some of the core requirements of a degree program focusing on information technology or cybersecurity. Our team has researched some popular degree programs to give you an idea of what to expect throughout your educational experience. Take a look at some of the courses below.

Salary and Career Growth Estimates

When considering how important this career field is to the security of sensitive government data and correspondence, it is clear why this can be a lucrative and exciting opportunity. The military itself handles extremely sensitive data regarding the safety of this country as well as troops located in distance areas. This information deserves the most security provided by the best trained professionals.

Considering that the internet and information networks may consistently be a method for transmitting data from one source to another, the need for security contractors can continuously be high. When you are planning for a career in this sector, you should always weigh the pros and cons of your decision prior to enrolling in any degree program. Obtaining a degree in computer science or information technology on its own can be very providing for your future. With technology playing a huge part in the change and innovation of society, experts in the operations and management of systems may be in constant demand. The expected growth for this field over the next decade is at 18%, which is a huge increase for this short of a time period (BLS; 2015).

Salary Information

As you begin to see more technologically-advanced software and hardware be released, you should rest assured that these items will require experienced professionals to continuously improve them. In response to the changing technologies and constant innovation, it may be realistic to assume that hackers and other threatening entities will also be at work – finding ways to breach secure networks and cause harm using their different devices.

As an information technology professional, it is vital to continuously work to achieve current knowledge and pursue constant protection for the agency in which you work. Professionals with these skills may continue to be a delicate resource to government, military, and private agencies that harness protected information via the internet. Working in this field may also have its benefits financially.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals working in this field have the potential to earn $92,600 per year on average (BLS; 2015). In comparison to other careers that have a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree, this field pays higher than average. If you are intrigued by the idea of providing security to agencies such as the national government and the country’s military, this is definitely a field to consider.