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Thank you for visiting CyberSecurityDegrees.org! Cyber Security Degrees was originally created in 2017, with a focus only on cybersecurity education. CyberSecurityDegrees.org is owned and operated by Enroll Education LLC, who researches up-and-coming degree programs, aggregates college educational data, creates website resources for potential college students, and helps universities find students that are the right fit for their degree programs.

We have reviewed hundreds of cybersecurity programs, careers, and data to help this website grow. We are continuously researching specific programs, and reviewing them for our readership. The information and data on our website has been reviewed by top professionals in the industry, and has been cited by hundreds of industry organizations, universities, and even government organizations.

This site was built as a resource to help further cyber and internet security education. Our goal was to figure out which careers will be in demand over the next decade such as cybersecurity, and provide resources to help connect degree-seekers with the education they will need to get into that career.

Team behind CyberSecurityDegrees.org

There are many developers, IT specialists, graphic designers, data researchers, and business operations people behind the team, but the website is really powered by the editors and writers. Here are a few of the contributors.

Wendy Wittmer, Contributor, Editor

Education: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Msc International Business Management (Sems Management School)

Specializes in cybersecurity content and cybersecurity plans and strategies for small businesses and the independently employed with dozens of training hours completed from the Department of Homeland Security, CISA, NIST, FTC, FCC, SBA, US Chamber of Commerce and more.

Data behind CyberSecurityDegrees.org

We use multiple data sources to power the website, including, but not limited to:

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