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Pursuing an online program is an easier way to complete a cybersecurity degree in higher education, and Pennsylvania has many institutions that offer certifications, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

Courses can be offered in a synchronous format, where students can watch lectures remotely and take part in a virtual classroom, or watch videos of lectures recorded on demand. Coursework is typically completed at any time of the day, either at the students' own pace, or in order to keep up with the rest of the class, they will have to meet weekly deadlines. All interaction is done through a content management system either created by the university or with a third-party service, such as Blackboard.

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Utica College

Bachelor Online BS in Cybersecurity Website

Aurora University

Bachelor Online BS in Cybersecurity Website

University of West Florida

Master Online Cybersecurity, M.S. Website

Norwich University

Bachelor Online BS in Cyber Security Website

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Master Master of Science in Cyber and Homeland Security Website

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Cyber Security Degrees in Pennsylvania

Here is a list of Pennsylvania cybersecurity degrees that are from NSA CAE Designated Institutions:

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NSA CAE Designated Institutions for Cyber Security in Pennsylvania

The National Security Agency (NSA) endorses cybersecurity programs in higher education by designating them as one of the National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE). With the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), many of these institutions will fall under Cyber Defense, either setting an education (CAE CDE) or research (CAE-R) standard. There is a separate designation for two-year degrees, which are generally reserved for community or specialized school. A handful of colleges have been designated as a CAE in Cyber Operations (CAE-CO).

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are 12 institutions that have received one of the CAE designations. Many of the larger, popular universities, like Drexel University, Robert Morris University, and the University of Pittsburgh, have accredited cybersecurity programs. There are a few two-year programs available at Lehigh Carbon and Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, and Valley Forge Military College.

Online Cyber Security Programs in Pennsylvania

Drexel University has online cybersecurity programs in both undergraduate and graduate format. The Bachelor of Science in Computing and Security Technology gives students the ability to analyze problems within an organization's network, develop the soft skills needed to communicate and work together with a team, and be able to design processes that will protect the flow of information that blocks unauthorized access. Up to 24 semester credits can be transferred into the program if they have been taken in the past 15 years, and students will need to submit official transcripts and a completed application to gain admittance.

For further education, Drexel offers the online Master of Science in Cybersecurity. This provides a more advanced look at the cybersecurity field with required courses in Principles of Cybersecurity, Information Ethics, Information Policy, and Security Engineering. There are 33 more credit hours needed, or 11 courses, to complete the full curriculum. Each course is completed within a 10-week quarter, with four of them available each year. There is no difference between the online programs and their on-campus counterparts.

Featured online cybersecurity programs:
School Level Program Admissions

University of Delaware

Master Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity Website

St. Ambrose University

Bachelor Bachelor of Business Administration - Cybersecurity Management  Website

Bethel University

Bachelor Online B.S. Cyber Security Website

Lindenwood University

Bachelor Online BA Cybersecurity Website

Point University

Bachelor Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Information Systems Security Website

Master's in Cyber Security Degrees in Pennsylvania

Due to the complicated nature of information technology and network security, it is recommended that those who are looking to get into engineering or managerial roles should consider a Master's program. This provides the education needed to advance along in a specific career, or make the switch into cybersecurity for those working in a different segment of the IT sector. In order to gain entry into a Master's program, students will typically need to have an undergraduate degree with a 3.0 cumulative GPA, prior coursework in computer science and mathematics, and they will need to submit official transcripts, an updated resume, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement declaring why they are pursuing this degree.

The University of Pittsburgh's School of Computing and Information offers a graduate certificate and a Master of Science in Information Science with a specialization in Information Security. This is a program that is completed on-campus and has a curriculum of 36 credits. Additionally, there are subtracks in this specialization: Big Data, Health Informatics, and Database and Web Systems. Some courses, like Cryptography, Algorithm Design, and Database Management, will all be taken regardless of track, but then there will be a series of recommended courses that are customized to their specific category.

Getting Started Working in Cyber Security in Pennsylvania

With a dozen institutions to choose from in Pennsylvania, and even more programs that offer a pathway toward a cybersecurity degree, this is one of the more flexible states to get a degree from. While there is solid employment like many other states in the Northeast, salary is a bit lower for cybersecurity analysts.

Pennsylvania Cyber Security Careers

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Philadelphia, Camden, and Wilmington metropolitan area employs over 2,280 information security analysts in the area with an average salary that shoots just over $101,000 per year. This amount skyrockets between Chambersburg and Waynesboro in Pennsylvania, where there is less overall employment but there is an average wage of over $122,000 on salary. This amount is only smaller than the New York City area.

Top Cyber Security and Tech Employers and Organizations in Pennsylvania

PNC Financial Services is a banking company that is one of the top 10 largest banks in the United States and has its headquarters at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and there are numerous positions available for security managers and engineers. Managers will have the responsibility of overseeing a team that controls operations on cybersecurity and evaluates programs used in the process, audits to maintain a secure structure and develops policies to follow for finding vulnerabilities and processes when an attack occurs, and they document and present findings to other team members and higher-level positions to raise awareness on potential issues or make improvement suggestions.

Available Online Cyber Security Programs for Pennsylvania

List of Campus Based Pennsylvania Cyber Security Programs

NSA/DHS Designation: The National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have designated certain institutions as a CAE, or Center of Academic Excellence. We have labeled each program based on their designation:
CAE-2Y: 2 Year Program CAE-CD: Cyber Defense CAE-CO: Cyber Operations CAE-R: Research Program

Campus-Based and Online Cyber Security Programs:

There are 15 cybersecurity programs in Pennsylvania.
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
Carnegie Mellon University
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
  • M.S. in Information Security, Specialization in Cyber Operations Cyber Operations CAE-CO
  • Cyber Defense CAE-R
Drexel University
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
East Stroudsburg University
East Stroudsburg
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
Lehigh Carbon Community College
  • 2 Year Cyber Security Program 2 Year Cyber Defense CAE-2Y
Pennsylvania Highlands Community College
  • 2 Year Cyber Security Program 2 Year Cyber Defense CAE-2Y
Pennsylvania State University
State College
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
Robert Morris University
Moon Township
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
University of Pittsburgh
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
  • Cyber Defense CAE-R
Valley Forge Military College
  • 2 Year Cyber Security Program 2 Year Cyber Defense CAE-2Y
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
West Chester
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
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