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In New Jersey, there are seven institutions that have been recognized as National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE). Most of them are in cyber defense, which includes some of the more popular universities such as Fairleigh Dickinson and Rutgers.

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Utica College

Bachelor Online BS in Cybersecurity Website

Aurora University

Bachelor Online BS in Cybersecurity Website

University of West Florida

Master Online Cybersecurity, M.S. Website

Norwich University

Bachelor Online BS in Cyber Security Website

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Master Master of Science in Cyber and Homeland Security Website

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Cyber Security Degrees in New Jersey

Here is a list of New Jersey cybersecurity degrees that are from NSA CAE Designated Institutions:

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NSA CAE Designated Institutions for Cyber Security in New Jersey

Locations for education opportunity in the state are in Newark, New Brunswick, Hoboken, Jersey City, Lincroft, Randolph, and Teaneck. Some campuses do offer an online learning experience to make it easier for working professionals to pursue a degree.

These designations are a combined effort from the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to designate specific programs that will best prepare those that are looking for a career in cybersecurity.

They oversee many different kinds of programs, from certifications and two-year academic plans to higher-level graduate options. Categories include cyber defense, cyber research, and cyber operations.

Online Cyber Security Programs in New Jersey

At Rutgers, they provide the convenience of an eight-week cybersecurity certification program, which serves as an alternative to their on-campus format.

Weekly modules will consist of eight different categories, such as learning the basics of cybersecurity, legal and ethical cases, how to respond to data breaches, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). There is also a capstone project that can be utilized at the student's own company they work for and they will receive further resources and mentoring even after the program is completed.

Many programs that are online-based will feature virtual classrooms and labs that will provide education in the latest developments in the field and how to stabilize networks and prevent further attacks with the newest software.

Featured online cybersecurity programs:
School Level Program Admissions

University of Delaware

Master Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity Website

St. Ambrose University

Bachelor Bachelor of Business Administration - Cybersecurity Management  Website

Bethel University

Bachelor Online B.S. Cyber Security Website

Lindenwood University

Bachelor Online BA Cybersecurity Website

Point University

Bachelor Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Information Systems Security Website

Master's in Cyber Security Degrees in New Jersey

One of the state's graduate programs is available at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The Master of Science in Cyber Security and Privacy is offered through the Department of Computer Science.

There are three different pathways to complete this program: coursework only, or culminating the program with a capstone project or a thesis.

A concentration in Cyber Defense is also available and is geared toward those that already have established a professional career and are looking for certification in this area. It also requires 36 total credits to graduate, with 21 of those being the traditional core courses and the remainder being elective options for the student to customize their curriculum.

In order to get into Master's programs, students should be able to demonstrate competence in computer science with other work experience or a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Holding at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA is recommended, but students can also submit GMAT or GRE scores to improve their chances (in some cases, these are also required for admittance).

Getting Started Working in Cyber Security in New Jersey

Whether prospective students need to gain foundational education in cybersecurity or seasoned workers in information technology are looking to break into the field, New Jersey has a wide variety of accredited options.

Many of the higher-level options have online course access or night sessions to provide flexibility for professionals that would rather continue working while obtaining a degree. For those looking for advanced positions, New Jersey is one of the higher-paying states for security analysts.

New Jersey Cyber Security Careers

While New Jersey is a bit lower in tech occupation representation when compared to other states in the Northeast, they still have the 14th-most employed and it represents 7.9 percent of the entire state workforce according to CompTIA.

Cyber security occupations are on the lower end when compared to software development and network architecture. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, New Jersey is the second-highest state for annual salary for information security analysts at over $121,000, and that is only lower than New York.

New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell

One of the best governmental organizations in the state that provides awareness in cybersecurity activity is the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC).

Their bureau protects the state government networks with their own risk analysis, penetration testing, and auditing, and they provide security information to all citizens, businesses, and institutions in real-time through their website and social media. Those in the state are also encouraged to report any hazards to their officers to help identify the attack and prevent further intrusions.

Available Online Cyber Security Programs for New Jersey

List of Campus Based New Jersey Cyber Security Programs

NSA/DHS Designation: The National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have designated certain institutions as a CAE, or Center of Academic Excellence. We have labeled each program based on their designation:
CAE-2Y: 2 Year Program CAE-CD: Cyber Defense CAE-CO: Cyber Operations CAE-R: Research Program

Campus-Based and Online Cyber Security Programs:

There are 9 cybersecurity programs in New Jersey.
Brookdale Community College
  • 2 Year Cyber Security Program 2 Year Cyber Defense CAE-2Y
County College of Morris
  • 2 Year Cyber Security Program 2 Year Cyber Defense CAE-2Y
Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
New Jersey City University
Jersey City
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
New Brunswick
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
  • Cyber Defense CAE-R
Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
  • Cyber Defense CAE-R
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