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Cyber Security Degrees in Idaho

We found 7 cybersecurity programs in Idaho.

There are three universities and colleges that are designated as top cybersecurity institutions in the state of Idaho: Idaho State University, North Idaho College, and the University of Idaho.

The two universities are more popularly known and hold certifications in cyber defense. The other is a college that holds a two-year designation. Boise is one of the best cities to find cybersecurity opportunities while education is found in Coeur d'Alene, Moscow, and Pocatello.

Here is a list of Idaho cybersecurity degrees that are from NSA CAE Designated Institutions:

Featured online cybersecurity programs:
School Level Program Admissions

Aurora University

Bachelor BS in Cybersecurity Website

Utica College

Bachelor BS in Cybersecurity Website

University of West Florida

Master Cybersecurity, M.S. Website

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Master Master of Science in Cyber and Homeland Security Website

University of Delaware

Master Master of Science in Cybersecurity Website

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Online Cyber Security Programs in Idaho

Limited options are available in the state of Idaho when looking at online cybersecurity degrees. The University of Idaho has an Master of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Security. This can be completed online with their Engineering Outreach system.

For students interested in the program, they must demonstrate competency when working with data structures, operating systems, and programming languages. There is a thesis project or comprehensive exam that culminates the program based on the student's decision. Either way, the program requires 30 credit hours of study to graduate.

Master's in Cyber Security Degrees in Idaho

At this time, the only Master's degree that can be obtained in the field of Cyber Security is choosing the area of emphasis in Cyber Security when pursuing the Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of Idaho.

Admission into the program requires a Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field and they must have coursework completed in calculus, computer organization, programming languages, and more.

Most of these prerequisites will be completed for those that have a background in computer science, but additional courses may be needed.

Featured online cybersecurity programs:
School Level Program Admissions

St. Ambrose University

Bachelor Bachelor of Business Administration - Cybersecurity Management  Website

Bethel University

Bachelor B.S. Cyber Security Website

Lindenwood University

Bachelor BA Cybersecurity Website

Point University

Bachelor Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Information Systems Security Website

Thomas Jefferson University

Bachelor B.S. Information Technology Management Website

Getting Started Working in Cyber Security in Idaho

Idaho provides more entry-level opportunities in the cybersecurity industry, including the College of Technology at Idaho State University offering two-year Associates Degree in Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology and a certification that can be completed in one year.

120 total credits are needed to complete the program, which is divided up into general education, upper division within the major, and overall upper division courses.

North Idaho College Cyber Security Programs

There are also a number of associate degrees and certifications offered by North Idaho College. One example is the Basic Technical Certificate in Cybersecurity and Networking. Within a year, students will complete a curriculum that provides an introduction to the industry and a thorough education on information security and network support. Graduates will have the ability to determine security threats and eliminate them, how to protect various devices and applications on the network, and understand cryptography basics.

Idaho Cyber Security Careers and Organizations

Micron Technology is one of the leading technology companies in the state of Idaho and was founded in the state back in 1978. They create computer storage and memory, most popularly USB flash drives and random access memory (RAM) sticks, and their products are commonly under the Crucial and Ballistix brand names. They have a variety of cybersecurity opportunities, including an assurance and compliance manager that oversees and conducts audits and risk assessment to determine that the company is following compliance and policies.

Available Online Cyber Security Programs for Idaho

Aurora University
Utica College
University of West Florida

List of Idaho Cyber Security Programs

NSA/DHS Designation: The National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have designated certain institutions as a CAE, or Center of Academic Excellence. We have labeled each program based on their designation:
CAE-2Y: 2 Year Program CAE-CD: Cyber Defense CAE-CO: Cyber Operations CAE-R: Research Program
Campus-Based and Online Cyber Security Programs:
Idaho State University
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
North Idaho College
Coeur d'Alene
  • 2 Year Cyber Security Program 2 Year Cyber Defense CAE-2Y
University of Idaho
  • Cyber Defense CAE-CD
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