Associate’s in Internet Security Degrees

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Internet security is a subcategory of computer security in that it deals almost strictly with the Internet. The term Internet security is also often used interchangeably with cybersecurity or network security. This is because all three are very similar in that they deal with protecting a computer against viruses, hackers, Internet fraud, malware, spyware and other intrusions that can be found on the Internet and can harm a network. Internet security is a steadily growing field. Learn how you can be part of this career by earning an associate degree in Internet security.

Internet security associate degree programs typically take about two years to complete. The student is generally required to complete at least 60 credits. Of these 60 credits, some are general education courses and others are coursed related to the major. Associate degree programs are usually offered at technical and community colleges rather than universities. There are several colleges throughout the U.S. that offer Internet security programs. While they may not have the words “Internet security” in their title, the curriculum deals with and covers Internet security.


Typical Curriculum for Associate’s in Internet Security Programs

A student in this program may take courses like fundamentals of network security, Internet forensics, CCNA routing protocols and concepts, intro to Linux and security. This program prepares students to obtain several industry certifications. Internet security is often part of information technology programs because the two are so closely related. Whereas information technology is the process of editing, storing and retrieving information and data, Internet security is the process of protecting that information when it’s accessible on the Internet.

Although some community colleges offer an associate degree in cybersecurity and networking with a concentration in database development, Internet security programs at the associate degree level don’t typically offer concentrations or tracks. However, cybersecurity, network security or Internet security may be used as a concentration in other computer-related programs.

Online Associate’s in Internet Security Degrees

Associate degree Internet security programs can also be found through distance learning. There are several schools that offer this program online. Online learning allows the student to work from home. Rather than attending classes at a college, the student can retrieve the assignments through email, online lectures, discussion boards and videos. Online programs may still require completed internships or externships as capstone courses; schools may assist the student in finding approved internships.


Schools with Associate’s in Internet Security Programs

Forsyth Technical Community College offers an Associate in Applied Science in Cyber Crime Technology. Some courses in this program include cyber crime, networking concepts, network vulnerabilities, security concepts and computer crime investigations – all courses based on Internet security. This program, like many Internet security associate degree programs, also requires the student to complete a capstone course. This course may be similar to an internship. The student must demonstrate his or her knowledge and skill to analyze and determine the security needs of a company and implement adequate security into the network and network infrastructure.

The St. Petersburg College, which offers an associate degree program in computing and information technology with a concentration in network security and an associate degree in information technology security. CSN’s program teaches the student about information technology but allows him or her to focus on network security.

University of the Potomac has an online security management associate degree program that focuses on network and IT security.

An online information technology program is offered at Vista College. This program is basically about information technology but also offers Internet or network security courses. Vista’s program can be completed in as little as 18 months.

Career Outlook for Internet Security

Graduates of Internet security associate degree programs may find many different career options, particularly once they’ve obtained some work experience. Listed below are a few of the occupations that may be available as well as their average annual wages according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and O*NET May 2014 reports.